Former TCP supervisor.


Was wrongfully terminated by company for standing up for my rights as an employee. The incident happened after the "saftey officer" who's jurisdiction is Salmon Arm and NOT Kamloops tried to cite me for not wearing reflective leg bands, AFTER watching one fall off. I fired the useless things in the truck and continued setting up, The aforementioned Safety officer (Susan McLean) went full blown physco screaming and ranting how I was violating company policy and WorkSafe (I found out well AFTER the fact) regs. about having to wear leg bands (Must be a local thing. In other parts of the Province of BC, Worksafe has no problem with people not wearing leg bands while setting up/tearing down).

From there it wend down hill and the *** ("safety officer") continued to escalate things, even trying to grab my phone from it's case on my belt to prevent me from calling the office, or for help. She contacted her supervisor (Bob Thuot), who attended, and not only side with her, but also added a trumped up charge of assault (which was later tossed by WorkSafeBC)

The resulting "investigation" was as biased as it could get. The outcome was pre-determined from the get go. I was 100% at fault according to management. WorkSafe BC would determine that I was partly at fault, that the dismissal was indeed wrongful and unlawful.

Since then, I have been subject to varying levels of "engineered animosity" ranging from stopping me for an extended period of time for no other reason than they can, taking a swing at my vehicle with a STOP/SLOW paddle all the way up to stalking.

This company MUST be PERMANENTLY shut down by ANY means possible, legal, or otherwise.

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